C3 Video Analytics



Surveilling critical areas while still protecting privacy? anonymvis makes it possible and offers consistent and reliable privacy protection for persons, vehicles, and critical areas under surveillance. anonymvis is your choice to protect privacy in public areas and facilities, semi-public zones in companies or in regions where conventional video surveillance is prohibited.

The video analytics core detects motion and pixilates moving persons, vehicles and objects in outdoor- or indoor environments. It automatically pixilates these areas in real-time using a user-defined block size. In addition, users can define static areas to permanently or never be anonymized by drawing polygons in the camera screenshot or live-video view. During the anonymization process, the areas of pixilation are irreversibly destroyed so that a reconstruction of the original data from the pixilated video is impossible. Access to the original video data is only possible, if the video had been recorded previously via video management system and by following the two-person rule. Hence, anonymvis allows detecting security-critical events at a glance from the anonymized video while consistently protecting privacy.

Key Features

  • reliable and consistent anonymization of moving persons and objects as well as user-defined fixed areas in videos through pixelization
  • real-time for indoor- and outdoor use
  • variable pixelization-block sizes
  • customized definition of fixed areas for permanent anonymization or permanent exclusion of anonymization by free-form painting
  • seamless integration into video management systems
  • access to original video only via video management system based on the two-person rule
  • browser-, platform-, and largely camera-independent
  • H.264, MPEG-4, MJPEG streaming via HTTP, RTSP, or video management system


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