C3 Video Analytics



objectvis detects left objects and loitering automatically and reliably through intelligent video analytics. The minimal target object size or body height, respectively, can be set individually and variably from within a user-friendly web-based user interface to meet the requirements of the specific scenario. The product offers e-mail, TCP trigger and HTTP command interfaces for easy forwarding of event-based alarms in real-time. In addition, objectvis supports seamless integration into video management systems and is available for both Windows and Linux operating systems. With its intelligent video analytics core objectvis can be customized to various environments with ease and is suitable for indoor application.


Key Features

  • left object detection
  • loitering detection
  • individual setting of target object size or body height
  • straightforward and easy configuration through user-friendly web-based interface
  • seamless video management system integration
  • supported interfaces: e-mail, TCP trigger, HTTP commands
  • suitable for indoor application


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