C3 Video Analytics



Effective marketing, staff management and customer experience optimization require - especially in retail and gastronomy - knowledge and awareness of customer behavior. Based on comprehensive state-of-the-art real-time video analytics functionalities countvis delivers quantitative results.

countvis stands for the reliable and accurate counting of people entering or leaving user-defined regions within the video image its visualization using user-friendly real-time statistics including variable filter and export options. Heatmaps make patterns of movements, hot spots, or areas with potential for marketing-related improvements visible at a glance. The occupancy monitoring feature calculates the number of people in a certain region and displays them in real-time. This makes countvis also an excellent solution as a guiding system.

For documentation or further processing of the analytics, countvis supports a range of export formats of the results, including counting statistics and heat maps as well as access to the event database. Counting events can furthermore be forwarded seamlessly to video management systems or third party systems.
With the versatile analytics features countvis is a valuable tool for evaluation and optimization of marketing strategy, PoS and return of investment. Combining the powerful retail video analytics package with relevant business data can deliver significant business value added. 


Product Line Improvement

Staff Planning Improvement

Reports / Dashboard

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Key Features

  • people counting with comprehensive analysis, statistics and filter options in real-time
  • people flow analysis using heatmaps
  • export as XLS, CSV, email and open event database access for documentation and data processing
  • occupancy monitoring
  • unlimited number of counting areas of arbitrary shape and size per channel
  • algorithms supporting different camera positions and angles
  • seamless integration with video management systems
  • interfaces to third party systems (XML, port triggering, modbus, etc.)
  • web-based, browser-independent user-friendly interface
  • supports standard ip camera systems, 180°/360° cameras, 3D sensors (countvis 3D)




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