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arealvis reliably and effectively secures indoor- and outdoor areas against unwanted intrusion. In addition to classical intrusion detection the new version of arealvis also provides loitering detection, direction detection and exceeding a maximum speed detection based on state of the art video analytics. The product is optimized for its use in all weather conditions with standard IP, infrared, thermal and embedded cameras.

3D models, machine learning and state of the art motion detection ensure precise motion detection and classification resulting in robust and high quality real-time analytics - 24/7. To minimize false alarms arealvis includes an intelligent system to filter out unwanted artifacts, such as weather conditions, animals or vehicles.
arealvis is configured using a user-friendly browser-based interface with responsive design, which is optimized also for its use with tablets. Automatic camera detection, simple scene setup based on body heights directly from within the live-video view and customizable alarm-zone definition using polygons make the basic configuration become a matter of a few minutes.
arealvis supports seamless integration with video management systems and provides interfaces to third party systems as well as to external control room applications to ensure reliable and easy forwarding, displaying and storing of events. Furthermore, with arealvis alarm systems, lighting or other automation systems can be triggered based on events.

Intrusion Detection

 Loitering Detection

Direction Detection

Speed Detection

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Key Features

  • video analytics rulesintelligent system for minimized false alarm rates
    • intrusion detection
    • loitering detection
    • direction detection
    • exceeding maximum allowed speed detection
  • automatic camera detection
  • unlimited number of individually configurable alarm zones
  • easy scene calibration based on body heights directly in live video view
  • user-friendly browser-based interface with responsive design, optimized for tablets
  • seamless integration with video management systems, third party systems and external security control rooms
  • optimized for 24/7 real-time application


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